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Invitation to 2012-Taiwan Nan-Mei Fine Arts Association’s 60th Anniversary Exhibition @ Wisma Kebudayaan SGM – 11-26 August 2012

which will be officiated by Mr. Lo Yu Chung, The Representative of the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Malaysia on August 11, 2012 (Saturday), 3.00pm at Soka Exhibition Hall, Ground Floor Wisma Kebudayaan SGM Exhibition period: 11 to 26 August 2012 Opening hours: 11.00am to 6.00pm Admission: Free 谨订于2012年8月11日(星期六)下午3时, 在SGM综合文化中心1楼创价展览厅 恭请驻马来西亚台北经济文化办事处代表罗由中先生主持开幕仪式 展览日期∶2012年8月11日至26日 展览时间∶每日上午11时至下午6时 入场免费 […]

Why you resigned from current company? what reason behind the resignation?

What is the reason behind one resignation? 1. Can not adapt to the working environment / culture. Different company has different way of doing their task. Based on my experience, never see 2 differ company use the exact same method in work. NEVER. Like Quote says “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” This […]

Khusus utk mereka yang gemar berkongsi maklumat di FB dan online **

From Forwaded email.  ** Khusus utk mereka yang gemar berkongsi maklumat di FB dan online ** Alhamdullilah, semalam dapat duduk sebilik dengan seorang aktivis keselamatan Capt. Bala Supramaniam. Kalau anda pernah tgk video-video kekejaman di Palestine dan Syria, jgn ingat anda jauh dari kekejaman seperti itu. Nauzubillah min zalik, ianya berlaku didalam negara kita sendiri, […]

The fight or war between iPhone and Blackberry User

Honestly I’m a Blackberry supporter all these while, from Curve to Bold, I owned 2 blackberry phones. Recently I bought an iPhone 4s, due to my Blackberry 9780 is runing in slow pace. But that’s not the main reason of change, I change it because I wish to test out, try out iPhone 4s application, […]

Pendapatan Rakyat Malaysia Mesti RM12,000 Sebulan Untuk Beli Rumah Teres Pada Tahun 2020!!

[English] In general say, in year 2020, we need to have monthly salary for RM12K to own a teres house. [Bahasa Melayu] Apa lagi yang boleh diharapkan dengan keadaan harga rumah di Malaysia terutamanya melibatkan bandar-bandar besar di Malaysia sekarang ini? Bukannya semakin menyenangkan rakyat Malaysia tetapi semakin membebankan dan adakalanya harga rumah di Malaysia […]