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Improving SEO in search engine to boost your advertisement income.

SEO, search engine optimisation is very important to a website. WHether it is famous or not, it depends on the SEO. How to make the SEO optimize? Is very simple one…. 5 simple tips to have affective SEO. 1. Simple title for your post 2. Effective key word 3. Specify the Category 4. Write your […]

Amber Chia at Mercedes-Benz Stylo Fashion Grand Prix 2012 – Rapunzel in Paris of the East by A Cut Above

Alan Lim, Founder of ALPHOTOS and, as STYLO Fashion Grand Prix Official Photographer, so coincindence met again with Amber Chia. They been met last year during Quicksilver ROXY girls search event. She still very friendly to everyone. Alan Lim, active in photography related business in southern region of Malaysia. He been work closely with […]

Bridal shop at Seremban Area Vs Freelance Photographer in Seremban

Not sure whether you notice about the quantity of Bridal Shop in Seremban keep on increasing, sametime the freelance photographer for wedding actual day, pre-wedding or Portrait also increasing as well. With these 2 major indexes increase, photography industry become more competative and price wars exploded. Bridal shop charges Wedding Actual Day for about RM1500 […]

Malaysia Photographer event new trend – Taiwan, Thailand, Oversea Model Lingerie Theme

Group outing photoshoot activities is normal trend in Malaysia. We can see all the activities organiser posted their event details at Forum, Facebook event or other media, to let people to join them (With payment). Normally they will find local girls / guys as model for the event, they might be reowned model or just […]

Photographer in Facebook community act weird, distorted mind

Don’t know why, don’t wish to know why, and how… In Facebook community, people act weird, not sure why in facebook everyone seem like wannabe enemy to each other. Maybe without seeing face to face, everyone become more brave. Cheer… Just now, a Model posted a request for photographer to help for portrait shooting. Glad […]