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Why you resigned from current company? what reason behind the resignation?

What is the reason behind one resignation? 1. Can not adapt to the working environment / culture. Different company has different way of doing their task. Based on my experience, never see 2 differ company use the exact same method in work. NEVER. Like Quote says “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” This […]

Khusus utk mereka yang gemar berkongsi maklumat di FB dan online **

From Forwaded email.  ** Khusus utk mereka yang gemar berkongsi maklumat di FB dan online ** Alhamdullilah, semalam dapat duduk sebilik dengan seorang aktivis keselamatan Capt. Bala Supramaniam. Kalau anda pernah tgk video-video kekejaman di Palestine dan Syria, jgn ingat anda jauh dari kekejaman seperti itu. Nauzubillah min zalik, ianya berlaku didalam negara kita sendiri, […]

The fight or war between iPhone and Blackberry User

Honestly I’m a Blackberry supporter all these while, from Curve to Bold, I owned 2 blackberry phones. Recently I bought an iPhone 4s, due to my Blackberry 9780 is runing in slow pace. But that’s not the main reason of change, I change it because I wish to test out, try out iPhone 4s application, […]

Pendapatan Rakyat Malaysia Mesti RM12,000 Sebulan Untuk Beli Rumah Teres Pada Tahun 2020!!

[English] In general say, in year 2020, we need to have monthly salary for RM12K to own a teres house. [Bahasa Melayu] Apa lagi yang boleh diharapkan dengan keadaan harga rumah di Malaysia terutamanya melibatkan bandar-bandar besar di Malaysia sekarang ini? Bukannya semakin menyenangkan rakyat Malaysia tetapi semakin membebankan dan adakalanya harga rumah di Malaysia […]

How many girl friend you left behind in your life? Do you still love your Ex Girlfriend?

How many ex girlfriend you got in the past? 1, 2, or 10 or 100? hahaha… I bet every person in this world, or to the extreme extended to every creature in this world loves more than a person in a life. 1st we loves our family members (Parent and siblings) then our spouse and […]