Why you resigned from current company? what reason behind the resignation?

What is the reason behind one resignation?

1. Can not adapt to the working environment / culture.
Different company has different way of doing their task.
Based on my experience, never see 2 differ company use the exact same method in work.

Like Quote says “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”
This is true. We can not always compare current company with previous company.

2. Can not get along with own department colleague and departmental superior.
Common issue happens to many of us. Difficult colleagues, unreasonable superior or BOSS, always make your life miserable. But is ourself to find a balance way to work with them, people would not change because of others. In very rare cases, you can influence a person to change his way of doing work.

3. MONEY, Salary not enough for living
Cost of living in Malaysia getting higher and higher, I knew, I well understood. You always thought your salary was low, but have you ever think of, Operator level employee with month income RM700 can support a Family of 5 person, what reason you want to tell, your salary is not enough.

4. Better job prospect in NEXT
People always looking forward for self advancement, I FULLY support this statement. Better job offered, you should gives a try.

5. Setup own Business
Congratulation to you if your reason falled this catergory. Is the new chapter to you to kick start your own business. Then you have to know all 4 reasons above for resignation, it might be useful for your company.

What is your reason of resignation?
Please share with us.

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