The fight or war between iPhone and Blackberry User

Honestly I’m a Blackberry supporter all these while, from Curve to Bold, I owned 2 blackberry phones. Recently I bought an iPhone 4s, due to my Blackberry 9780 is runing in slow pace. But that’s not the main reason of change, I change it because I wish to test out, try out iPhone 4s application, functional.

First, I’d observed in iPhone 4s not easy to access to all latest update, as in Blackberry, we can access to all apps/email/sms/updates in simple one location. In iPhone, we need to exercise more on our finger to tab into each apps to check the updates status. More worst is the Whatsapp in iPhone doesn’t have the realtime alert, which means you only know there is new messege when you open the Whatsapp. In Blackberry, the alert for everything is instantly, we need not to go one by one to check. This is a great disappointment for me towards iPhone 4s.

In Blackberry, we can search any term, app, people by key in their name directly in the HOME screen area, and it will shows all the near related search result. In iPhone can do the same, but in less effective way.

Some people says choosing iPhone and lead us to thousand of new apps, games. But do we really need all that in our tiny phone and battery constraint also need to be considered.

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