Taxi Driver intent to beat the car beside after nearly crashed at Senawang Light Industrial Area

I’d witness the whole incident by my own. It happened in front my car.
At 1st I saw a Waja Taxi (Plate number HWD 4205) speeding and keep on over take the car in front him all the way from Senawang Last Train Station (Sungai Gadut) to Taman Bukit Emas entrance.

When come to underneath of the Flyover to Senawang Tesco (In front of JPJ), this Taxi Over take a Viva from the right and the viva suddenly go slightly right and causing the Taxi almost crash to the road divider, the friction between tyre and divider generate smoke and strong smell of rubber. Then the best thing happened…

The Taxi Driver drive slow after his car rub on the road divider, he drive to the left side,while the viva on the right at this moment. I saw the Taxi window been wind down and Taxi driver hand wave and ask Viva to drive fast, he might wish to scold the Viva’s driver. Viva’s driver scared and drive even more slow. Both of them block my way, as they are driving in front me, left and right lane.

All of sudden, the Taxi driver raise arm, a stick alike item out from his car, I also shock when I looked at that. The Viva’s driver even more scare now, then all of us come to the red traffic light and stopped. Viva’s driver still keep a safe distance between Taxi, and Taxi driver still wave his stick to pretend to beat the Viva Car. Phew… Luckily everything end by green light.

No one hurt in this incident, no car being whacked. But I hope everyone can drive safely and respect others person. In this incident, Taxi driver shouldn’t drive too fast, and the Viva’s driver should take caution before drive from left lane to right lane.

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