Malaysia Photographer event new trend – Taiwan, Thailand, Oversea Model Lingerie Theme

Group outing photoshoot activities is normal trend in Malaysia. We can see all the activities organiser posted their event details at Forum, Facebook event or other media, to let people to join them (With payment). Normally they will find local girls / guys as model for the event, they might be reowned model or just normal freelance model.

Recently the trend changed, when all models started to organise their own outing photoshoot event, those organiser start to think new methods to overcome this situation. They start to import oversea model, from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and even from Indonesia. With the new faces, different nationality model, their event become more demanded.

Some even import those Russian Model, Blonde Model too. Their theme of photo shoot changed from Outdoor photo shoot to indoor lingerie shoot. As everyone know, indoor lingerie or Nude theme attract more participant than other theme.

How you think about this situation?

Is this healthy culture? Is this suitable for Malaysian?

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