How many girl friend you left behind in your life? Do you still love your Ex Girlfriend?

How many ex girlfriend you got in the past? 1, 2, or 10 or 100?

I bet every person in this world, or to the extreme extended to every creature in this world loves more than a person in a life. 1st we loves our family members (Parent and siblings) then our spouse and children. Beside our spouse, I strongly think that people should have few more person in their mind, who they loves, they cares but can’t be together with them.

In past, sure have a love story which currently beneath in your heart, which you won’t forget all the time. Time to time, you open the seal and peek into it, feel happy, sad, regret all in one. There isn’t any right or wrong in love matter, is just first come first serve. Once you’re taken / owned by someone, you lost slot for the newcomer.

No matter how, I only support “1 person only love 1 person in life at one time”

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