Good Friend who blocked you from Facebook, Twitter and Google+

In life there are so many people called themselve as your friends, some sort like best friend. They nudge you for messege time to time, they keep in touch with you week by week, they always address themselve as your best friend, and you may share things, issues, problem with them. They’re your friend, they’re your partner in life, in work, in any hobby.

You might really start to consider him as your friend, as the one person who you willing to share things with them. At the time, you almost fully trusted them, you found out something very funny. You check at Facebook, found that he/she never added you as friend, you and them is real friend in life, but not in Facebook. Later on, you found out that they had been blocked you from their twitter shoutout. They do not even let you to share their joys, sadness in twitter.

When you asked them, they might say “What so big deal with Facebook and Twitter, is that so important to you?”

WTF, they’re the one who self called your friend, they’re the one who always stay beside you.

Friend should be someone who real, really support you all the while, support in term of morale or in real work.


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