Earn more money from your website by optimize your SEO and your keywords

There are many ways to optimum your website traffice by using correct SEO optimization.People think is difficult to develop a nice and good SEO, but it is not. In a single second, million and billion keyword being search by public. They wish to dig information from Google, Yahoo! or at any search provider.

What best keywords to suggest?

The highest keywords in search is “SEX”, most properly being trillion of people searching this keywords each second. Just a name Alan Lim already over 2million search result pop out. If you search for other words you will search how many possible answer to your key in word.

If you search for famous celebrities or famous normal people, such like Blogger name, website title, if your website contains such words, higher chances to being searched by others.

Been doing website for about 10years, trial and error in all means. Always Seek the possible way of getting best SEO, Best Keywords.

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