Bridal shop at Seremban Area Vs Freelance Photographer in Seremban

Not sure whether you notice about the quantity of Bridal Shop in Seremban keep on increasing, sametime the freelance photographer for wedding actual day, pre-wedding or Portrait also increasing as well.

With these 2 major indexes increase, photography industry become more competative and price wars exploded. Bridal shop charges Wedding Actual Day for about RM1500 – RM2000, while Freelance photographer pricing range as big as RM299 – RM1699.

Can you imagine, RM299 already can get a “photographer” to work for you, for your big day. RM299 is cheaper than your handphone, is about the cost of Family dinner bill. That “Photographer” is doing charity for you, for Seremban. Why I put “” at the Photographer title, because myself also not sure whether they’re photographer or cheap labour. Using an iPhone to snap your wedding actual day photo cost more than RM299 in term of considering the investment of gadget.

In Seremban Freelance photographer, they even owned their own studio. They also provide wedding actual day photography service. They even quote you very best price, as low as RM1200 per day for 2 photographers, package included 100-400 photos printing in 4Rs and dinner montage.

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